Those Days Are Gone

There was a time in the insurance business when it was possible for an insurance agent to know all there was to know about insurance. Not today. Colyott & Watson does not pretend we know it all, frankly we don’t. However, we see our role as supporting our clients as best we can in anyway possible.

Our promise to you is that we will admit that which we cannot do but we will connect you with people we know and trust that can. You will not be left looking for someone to provide service we can’t. We will happily provide you with referrals to Agents and Agencies that we know and trust to do that which we can’t. If you have a need or want to find out about an insurance product that you do not see on our website you may want to contact us anyway. More than likely we can put you in touch agents that can provide the products you are looking for. We can make your shopping for insurance less frustrating and we promise you that will not find yourself as the bait for the online sales frenzy that many of experience when we go shopping for insurance online.

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